August 21, 2008

Wonderful Elisabeth from Ellevilla

Even though I've been in Ireland for a few days already, I can't move on from my Norway posts without thanking Elisabeth Holm, my gracious-vivacious-wondrous host at ElleVilla and new dear friend. Elisabeth, I meant what I said...Please come spend Christmas with us in Australia, where I promise to take as good care of you as you did of me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything...for your inspired conversation, your wonderful wine, your enthusiasm for my discoveries and searches...for your help, for your lovely and comfortable home, for the yummy BROWN cheese (especially with honey on gluten free toast!), for the exquisite salmon, for Oscar's wonderful concert, for inviting me to the party where I met fascinating Lars and heard all the late-breaking Viking theory and had the chance to hear Tommy's extraordinarily beautiful music...

But, most of all, Thank you for your friendship..I hope to know you (better & better) for a long, long time - at least until we're old ladies with funny hats (which for me isn't all that far off!).

See you in Australia in December!

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Katie and Emir said...

Wow she has a lovely, warm, joyful face! Yes, come to Australia for Xmas!