August 13, 2008

And one just for Max

When he was in his early teens, my dear darling boy conjured up a fantasy character name...Greven...which, as far as he knew, he'd made up. Imagine his (and my) surprise when I discovered a Hotel Greven in Larvik! Not only Hotel Greven, but Greven-this and Greven-that. There are Grevens (and greves) all over the place!Turns out that Count Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve otherwise (and mysteriously) known as Greven Gyldenløve (golden lion) was (I think) brother to the Danish king and sent to Larvik in the 17th century to rule the place. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised: Max always has had a kind of uncanny sense for and knowledge of his medieval past. So these photos are for you, my Max - I hope they remind you of more chivalrous times.
And finally, how odd that this play is only on the week that I'm here - I'm thinking that even though I won't understand a word, I should go see it!


Max, Ebbie and the Fuzzheads said...

Excellent, I own a hotel in Norway and I didn't even know it!

sharon said...

For some obscure reason this theatre flyer makes me want to chant...Beeeeellameeee....
Go figure.