February 28, 2011

More new(ish) works

I have just returned 'home' from a quick trip 'home'. And, in case the inflection is unclear, what appears an unusually clumsy sentence is, in fact, a clarification of my new way of perceiving the concept of belonging (and non-belonging) here and there. I am home - both in Australia and the USA - and this most recent trip has cemented (for me) that concept into fact.

For some reason I can't fathom, I have been forgetting to post new artworks to this blog - so here to begin are some beaded pieces completed in the last year or two.

Now the push is on - to finish my thesis/artworks in time for submission in August. Amazingly, it all seems to be coming together.

More Ancestor Dada

The Image
The Words

Ancient shape-shifters
haunt the cellar of my dreams
and whistle and irresistible ambition

These radiant shadows
approach from the borderline
to tell a tribal story
of starry-eyed adventure
and the perils of forgotten hope

These divine witnesses
prowl from beyond history
to awaken a terror of sumptuous thoughts

and weave their proud lessons
into my boundless banshee