August 8, 2008

What can these stones be?

A little surprise for Max that I can't contain any longer.

Steph and I spent a day walking around Tintagel - 1st stop Merlin's Cave below the cliff to gather rune stones for Max. A promise fulfilled. Here they are, Max - waiting to be carved and cast: I expect only the most glorious divinations to result.

Tintagel was remarkable and has all the elements one would expect from a place of power. Very dramatic - even in a ruined state. I don't know how, why or for what the site was chosen, but clearly the place hums with a deep energy. I can only imagine that it's been considered a place of power since its first discovery.

The ruins are only reachable via long climbs up steep and precarious stairs cut into the cliffside - yet there were tons of people willing to make the climb.

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Max, Ebbie and the Fuzzheads said...

SO AWESOME :D! Can't wait to get my hands on those, thank you so much.

Realllly wishing we were there with you!