August 14, 2008

A stone for Magnus

The whispering stone I picked up in Rekkevik for Magnus
Intuitively it has felt as though part of what I need to do with this work I've undertaken is to reconnect Magnus with home and by doing so it will create a bridge for all of us to able to cross back and forth - through time and space - to each other. Somehow, the way to achieve this seemed obvious. All I'd need to do would be to bring a stone from Rekkevik - his home - to place on Magnus' grave in Malden. I was hoping to find the right rock...and this one whispered to me as I passed. I picked it up and it fit my hand perfectly.

I think, too, I may eventually place scribed stones as trailmarkers and gathering points of a sort to mark the way for all of us - both our living relatives and the spirits of our ancestors - to find the way to each other.

I'm not entirely sure why stone seemed the clear medium for this - but it's been obvious from the outset of this work and all further discovery has confirmed the choice: I keep uncovering more and more examples of people across time and around the globe who have used stone as a way to mark sacred space and/or leave messages for their ancestors. It also came to light that Larvik is world famous for a unique type of granite called Larvikitt. And finally - and possibly most important - the revelation that the Tolstrup farm in Rekkevik is surrounded by and is seemingly cut into giant outcroppings of granite. Now I know: the stone I bring to Magnus will remind him of home.

So I will bring him this piece and I'll bring some Larvikitt for my dear Uncle Dave.

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