August 13, 2008

Some Norwegian graffiti for Shaz

I honestly didn't see this graffiti at first - I'm so caught up in the loveliness of everything, here. I find it all enchanting. The experience reminds me of my first trip to Bali when all I saw was beauty - the sculpture, the temples, the colours, the people, the flowers. I didn't see the garbage-clogged ditches until my second trip, 4 months later and thought, "How odd that so much litter has collected in so short a time!" (yes, I do believe I am the original Pollyanna)

Anyway, I was actually photographing the lovely (there's that word again) vines hanging over the fence..and only realised the graffiti was there after I'd started to walk away. So, I went back and took proper photos - this time, of graffiti, not vines...and this one's for you, Sharon...Norwegian graffiti for your collection. Now, if I find a Wandjina here (or it's equivalent), I'll be really excited!


sharon said...

So this is Norwegian tagging?
It must have been there for a while as it's nicely weathered, and the vine has had a chance to grow dribblingly over the top of it.
I'm quite liking the fence itself actually.

Keep clickin'

jt said...

Those vines look suspiciously like Hops!!!