August 11, 2008

If only you knew the half of it, Ibu Kate...

Damp Pilgrimage shoes touch Blue Larkavite (as the pilgrim looks out from the harbour)
Dry Pilgrimage shoes under Larvik birch (as the pilgrim breathes in fresh woodland scents)

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ibu kate said...

Larvick looks absolutely beautiful. The kirke may hold many facts that connect you to your ancestors. The photo reminds me of the church in a small village called Frankenau, east Germany where my dad grew up. At home we have a lovely watercolour of the village, with the distinctive steeple in the skyline, drawn by my dad's brother. Dad always told me that his grandfather worked on the roof of the church in his day, making him the 'highest person in the village'!. When I saw the church for the first time in 88, I got goosebumps, because it was such a familiar icon to me, despite never having been there.

Have fun fossicking around this lovely place you're in. Oh! And please bring me back the house you're staying in.

BTW I've been working on my blog and I will send you the link. It's still pretty daggy. I'm just about to try and insert a link to this blog.