August 6, 2009

Dada Poetry The liminal

The image
The words

The art of evolution
wrought from a landscape
of defiant chaos
this wayward wisdom
at odds with the triumphing
vandalism of our mothballed truth

in this hopeful territory
of starry-eyed terror, risk
bruises the genuine conviction
and eager life treads past
the mauling gloom of virtuous narrative

here, dilemma scuttles
the deathly vessels of elusive safety
& escapes the stifling seductions
of unseaworthy compromise where flickers
escape in the almost unbearable message
this heart-thumping journey
not a battle, a reward

Dada Poetry ancestral history

The image
The words

Awaking a symphonic shout
of victorious spirit we remember
the weight of our flawed heritage

our everyday comfort
to your beautiful last-ditch gypsy dream
to defying gravity
to defying tragedy

your raw and adventurous grace
our only blueprint
for love
for family
for home

Dada Poetry for George Tanner II

The image

The words

his deported story
beckons tragedy
yet his sweet faith
deaf to the tread of failure

blurred the perils
of a predatory history
a dark exile from childhood
from heartland
from home

rising from
this set in stone delusion
he shifted the downtrodden
& crippled vision
stealing an unflinching tomorrow
from inside his ash-filled past